5th Street Sports proudly presents an exclusive interview with Doyle Brunson where the poker great talks about one of his favorite passions — great movie westerns.

Nolan Dalla sat down recently with Doyle at Roma’s Deli in Las Vegas to discuss the best westerns ever made and why some films, like Doyle himself, stand the test of time.

This project began a few months earlier when Doyle approached Nolan and proposed a dinner to talk about — not poker and gambling — but westerns.  A date was set and Doyle then created his list of “60 Greatest Movie Westerns.”  Doyle originally intended to create a list of just 20 films, but couldn’t stop once the creative forces were unleashed.

The interview in its entirety runs about 90 minutes and includes a countdown of Doyle’s favorite movies and what he remembers about each selection.  The complete show will be released soon, exclusively at 5th Street Sports.

Here’s a short two-minute promo of what to expect.

We thank Doyle for his time and his passion.  Thanks also go to Andrew Geber for filming and editing the segment.


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