Are we watching a modern miracle on ice?

The NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights have been called the greatest underdogs sports story in history.

No one — no fan, nor any expert — expected an expansion team made up of castoffs from other hockey clubs to be competing for the most coveted trophy in the game, the Stanley Cup.  Pre-season odds on the Golden Knights winning it all in their first year were as high as 300-1.

So, are the Golden Knights the greatest underdog story in sports history?  The answer is probably — yes.

Other notable sports upsets we remember took place within a single game, a playoff series, or perhaps weren’t quite as outlandish as first thought.  It’s inconceivable that a new team, including untested players, coaches, and management would rise so quickly to the pinnacle of their sport.

Here’s a short list of the most cited “great upsets” in American sports history.  Where do you think the Golden Knights rank?  VOTE HERE ON TWITTER.

Some other great sports upsets:

1969 — Baseball’s New York Mets go from worst to first (“Miracle Mets”)

1969 — AFL’s New York Jets upset NFL’s Baltimore Colts as 16-point underdogs.

1980 — USA Olympic Hockey Team (“Miracle on Ice”)

1983 — North Carolina State upsets Houston in college basketball championship

1990 — Buster Douglas stuns “Iron Mike” Tyson and takes Heavyweight Boxing crown

2008 — NY Giants ruin New England Patriots perfect season and win Super Bowl



  1. Frank Perez May 31, 2018

    Last year leister city at 5000-1 was biggest odds underdog winner of all time,fyi

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